[2014-12-06] this website is the ONLY official source of information of let-the-world-burn coalition. All data published on other sites or social media profiles are created beyond will and knowledge of the LTWB bands.
[2017-05-07] Furia plays the accompaniment to S. Wyspianski's 'Wesele' directed by J. Klata at Narodowy Teatr Stary, Kraków.:

[2017-05-07] Furia Japan Tour:
08.09.17 Sendai
09.09.17 Tokyo
10.09.17 Osaka
[2016-12-07] new handmade sweatshirts available at official merchandise stands during live shows. also via online store.
[2014-11-05] must-have, unique nocel sweatshirts (photos here and here) still available among posters with supreme furia artwork (available exlusively during live shows) & other ltwb merchandise. order via contact section.
furia forthcoming performances:
- 03.06.17 kuurne, kubox, throne fest. other bands: marduk, dark funeral, destroyer 666, absu, gaahls wyrd
- 26.08.17 wałbrzych, stara kopalnia, metal mine festival. other bands: obscure sphinx, in twilight's embrace
-15-16.12.17 berlin, nuke club, de mortem et diabolum festival. other bands: acherontas, destroyer 666

massemord forthcoming performances:
- 04.06.17 kuurne, kubox, throne fest. other bands: marduk, dark funeral, absu, destroyer 666, gaahls wyrd